Kyoto 140 Writing Desk with Hairpin Legs & Open Shelf

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Color: Mahogany
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This original and spectacular desk; simple to perform everyday tasks; very comfortable and ergonomic; with plenty of space to accomplish your tasks without any discomfort; is notable for you. It has a small shelf very different from the normal ones where you can store notebooks; books; or any accessories you need to have on hand. It is a delicate piece of furniture; easy to move and fit in any space; buy it now. Give any room a fresh; fun new look with this stylish desk; perfect for small spaces; the Kyoto 140 Desk is a versatile; retro-style piece that combines form with function and can be used in virtually any room. Let us begin with the fantastic design. The combination of materials (particleboard frame; glass Desktop; and metal legs ) is so stylish that it will become a focal point in your room. At 29" high; the legroom is considerable and will allow you to work comfortably. The Metal legs will provide sturdy support; and the particleboard frame includes a see-through shelf to store your items. The Desktop is an exquisite combination of particle board at the bottom but with a 55.1" W x 21.7" D thick tempered glass on top to give you that extra modern design touch and provide you plenty of room to work. Overall product dimensions are 55.1" W x 21.7" D x 29.2" H. Mahogany Finish



Specification Details
Product Name Original Kyoto 140 Writing Desk
Materials Particleboard frame, Glass Desktop, Metal Legs
Design Features Stylish Mahogany Finish
Dimensions 55.1" W x 21.7" D x 29.2" H
Legroom Height 29"
Special Features - Thick Tempered Glass Desktop
  - Delicate See-Through Shelf
  - Ergonomic and Comfortable Design
  - Suitable for Small Spaces
Versatility Suitable for Various Rooms (Home or Office)
Assembly Easy to Assemble
Portability Lightweight and Easy to Move
Usage Ideal for Everyday Tasks, Work, or Study
Storage Options Small Shelf for Notebooks, Books, Accessories
Support Sturdy Metal Legs
Aesthetics Modern Retro Style


Manufacturer:FM FURNITURE


Warranty:1 Year Limited

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