Major Fifty Collection Cushion | Velvet with Fringes Grey

Major Fifty Collection Cushion | Velvet with Fringes Grey

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Introducing the Major Collection, a luxurious and visually striking addition to any sophisticated interior, whether classic or contemporary. Immerse yourself in ultimate comfort with its double soft padding, creating an inviting atmosphere that complements a diverse range of design styles. Meticulously hand-sewn and adorned with opulent iridescent velvet, the Major Collection exudes elegance. Its crowning glory is the soft, prestigious cotton fringe encircling its perimeter, adding a touch of timeless charm. Customize the Major Collection to seamlessly integrate with your aesthetic vision by choosing from a spectrum of colors. Available in two sizes, 50x50 cm and 60x60 cm, this collection is a perfect companion to the LO Décor ROCK Collection, offering endless possibilities for creating a visually captivating and contrasting design effect within your living space. Elevate your surroundings with the Major Collection—a harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and style.


About this product

With double soft padding the Major Collection is a stunning addition to a luxury classic or contemporary interior and a perfect piece to pair with the other cushions of LO Décor ROCK Collection for a contrasting design effect Carefully hand-sewn, with luxury iridescent velvet the Major Collection is enlivened by a soft prestigious cotton fringe running all around its perimeter.


Customizable for colors . Available sizes cm 50x50 and cm 60x60

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