Yomi Luminous “Open Bar” Aluminum and Tpu Design Ottoman

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About this product

Open Bar is the name of the new limited series made with Society Of Wonderland. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stephanie graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an art degree. Through independent studies and academic concentrations, she has been exploring traditional and digital graphics, fashion design, textile arts, and sculpture for 15 years. Based in New York, she carved a place for herself in digital design, an unexplored and underdeveloped path in the fashion industry at the time. In 2015, Stephanie founded Society of Wonderland, an independent art studio in Brooklyn, NY, to further develop and reveal her niche in art and design.


Yomi “Open Bar” ottoman, series limited to 85 numbered, signed copies.


Color: White/Black


*For optimal inflation of your product, the purchase of the Yomi electric pump is recommended 

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